World War II and Adolf Hitler

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Adolf Hitler. This name has gone down in history as the cause of the worst war ever, World War II. Because of this man, 85 million men, women, and children were brutally killed. But World War II’s pre and post stages were almost just as bad with World War I before, and the Cold War after. Because of these three events happening in the order they did, World War II turned out to be one of the scariest times on Earth. The bloodiest War in Earth’s history, World War II, started off with a bang when Germany invaded Poland. For months now, Hitler has been rebuilding Germany’s forces after the loss of World War I, and now Germany is basically one large war machine, ready to take the world. After the taking of Poland in 1939, Germany took Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, and France all around the same time. Two years later, 1941, the two superpowers were pulled into the War. On June 22, the unthinkable happened, Germany invaded their allies, the Soviet Union. Because of this interesting choice by Hitler, the Russians switch to the Allies and fight their former friends. Later, towards the end of the year, the Americans joined the fight. On December 7, a Japanese strike was set into action to destroy the American navy which was docked at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. This attack left most of the US Navy in pieces at the bottom of the Pacific. The time is nigh for the US to act, and they entered with a passion to destroy the Axis. Now its 1942 and the war is still raging strong; the Axis Powers come together and officially form the Axis consisting of the following countries: Bulgaria Croatia Germany Hungary Italy Japan Romania Slovakia. In the same year the Allie Forces was formed as well consisting of the followi... ... middle of paper ... more time and money into perfecting their nuclear arsenal. This war obviously lasted past the 40’s (it ended in 1991 unofficially), but the origin and the start of the war did start back then. This war didn’t end with nuclear divides, however, it spread to a verity of things including the space race. World War II was a very dangerous and bloody time, but the period post the war was almost just as bad. World War II was no small matter. With such a large tally of deaths, it effected every living soul on the planet Earth. It wasn’t just World War II, however, World War I before and the Cold War after had major contributing factors to this dreaded war. Without any three of those major events, World War II may not have been the horrific war it is today. But no matter how horrific this war was, the result if Adolf Hitler would have been a hundred times worse.
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