World War II: Causes and Effects on Europe

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World War II: Causes and Effect on Europe World War II was significant for its unique causes and its major political impact on Europe. There were four main causes to why World War II started, some of which are the following: Treaty of Versailles, Hitler’s actions, failure of Appeasement, and the Failure of the League of Nations. World War II had a major impact on Europe Politically, which are the following: It caused Europe to have a weaker influence in the world, it caused Germany to split in half, the formation of the United Nations, and the division of Europe, between the Western nations and the communist Eastern bloc. The Treaty of Versailles was initiated by the meeting that was held in 1919. In this meeting Clemenceau of France, Woodrow Wilson from the U.S, Orlando from Italy, and Lloyd George of England met to converse how they would have Germany pay for the impairment that World war I had caused. Woodrow Wilson from the U.S had a 14-point plan that was aimed for bringing peace to Europe. Clemenceau desired revenge, and he wanted to be certain that Germany would never start another war again. Lloyd George agreed with Wilson although he was aware that the British public agreed with Clemenceau. A compromise between Wilson and Clemenceau was what he wanted. Germany was not happy with the positions of the Treaty of Versailles. On the other hand they were expecting the 14 point treaty Wilson had in mind. Although they were not happy with these conditions they did not have a choice but to sign the document. War Guilt Clause, Reparations, Disarmament, and the Territorial Clauses were the main terms of the Treaty of Versailles. The War Guilt Clause basically meant that Germany had to accept the blame for the World War I and it’... ... middle of paper ... ...rmany to the Alliance. On top of that, they were also willing to let West Germany form an army with many limits. They were warned by the Soviets that it would mean making new security arrangements, but they were still to their word. West Germany Joined NATO on May 5, 1955. Just like NATO, the Warsaw Pact concentrated on creating proper defense between its member nations, which allows them to counter an enemy attack. There were many causes and triggering events of World War II. There were also lots of effects World War II had on Europe politically. World War II triggered more conflicts and splits amongst European countries and others. World War II also had positive and negative effects on European life during the war and after the war. The effects World War II brought to Europe set a way for Europe in the future and gave it other obstacles as well as advancements.