World War II

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M Operation Mincemeat Who: A British corpse, “Major William Martin” of the British Royal Marines When: An early April morning in 1943 Where: Huelva in southern Spain What: The British made an elaborate plan that would make Hitler think that they were attacking Greece rather than Sicily. The British took a corpse and planted false Ally plans on it. They made the corps appear to be a Major of the British Royal Marines and left fake identification on him. They then dressed the body and put a life jacket on it to assure that it would float. The body was disposed of near Spain and it washed up on the shores of Huelva. Even though Spain claimed to be neutral, they had many pro-Nazi citizens and the plans on the body ended up with Hitler. He soon deployed troops in Greece to protect it, even though Sicily was the region that really needed protected. Why: The British needed to deceive the Germans so they could take over Sicily without losing unnecessary lives. Historical Significance: By using Operation Mincemeat Winston Churchill potentially saved the lives of thousands of British and German soldiers. He also was able to come in and take Sicily, giving him an advantage over Italy, one of the Axis powers. Book Supplement Addition: In A Child’s War; World War II Through the Eyes of Children, The Germans had an alliance with Russia, meaning that both Russia and Germany were willing to protect each other at whatever cost (Pg 9). Source: Operation Mincemeat, What was Operation Mincemeat? See Also: Operation Husky The Manhattan Project Who: President Franklin Roosevelt When: The Manhattan Project started in August of 1939 Where: Originating in Manhattan, the project actually had research bases spread all over America, Britain, and Canada. Wha... ... middle of paper ... ...P-51 Mustang was used to shoot trains, ships, and enemy bases. They had an amazing top speed of 487 miles per hour, the fastest plane at the time. Why: These were developed soon after World War II had started because the Allies needed an advantage over Germany. These planes were used to accompany bombers and together they provided Germany’s cities with massive amounts of damage and destruction. Historical Significance: These planes played a key role in the victory of the Allied forces. With superior air power the Allied powers had a huge advantage over the axis powers. They were able to defeat Germany from the land, sea, and sky. Book Supplement Addition: In A Child’s War; World War II Through the Eyes of Children, Germany is bombed by the Allied Powers, causing massive destruction to the cities below (pg 191-193). Sources: P-51 Mustang, North American P-51 Mustang
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