World War II

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1. Hitler was an Austrian born man who had a great interest in the military. Since he was rejected by the Austrian army for being too weak, he joined Germany’s army. Hitler was very angered by the Treaty of Versailles along with many other Germans, so he joined the German’s Work Party. He later expanded it into the National Security’s German Work Party also known as the Nazis. In 1923, Hitler decided to take over and gain power through force (Fredriksen). His attempt to take over the Bavarian government failed, and Hitler was sentenced to five years in jail. This failed attempt is known as the “Beer Hall Putsch” (Fredriksen). During his time in jail, he wrote a book called the Mein Kampf which outlined his major political ideas and his nationalism. Two things he mentioned mainly were his anti-semitism and his idea of Germany’s need for eastward territorial expansion and liberation. Hitler ended up being imprisoned for only nine months and even so grew a strong hatred toward the German government (Fredriksen). During this time, he settled that he would overthrow the Weimar Republic. After he was let out of jail, Hitler began to use his skillful way with words and his devotion to nationalism to gain representation in all the levels of government. In 1929, when the Great Depression hit America, Germany was affected as well. Many Germans looked up to Hitler during the national economic crisis. He promised jobs, security, and a repaired and reborn Germany. In 1932, the Nazis became the majority party leading into 1933 when Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany by the president Paul Von Hindenburg (Fredriksen). Later that same year, Hindenburg died which made Hitler president. In order to follow through with his plans in beginning Germany out of their current condition, Hitler asked the German Reichstag to pass a law for him to gain power. In 1933, the German
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