World War I: The Primary Cause of the Russian Revolution

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Russia's overthrows and shortage caused revolutionary upheaval and massive inflation, which led to deprived infrastructure. During World War I, Russian society naturally caused great dissatisfaction among the serfs. As the revolution wore on, numerous reform and Tsar Nicholas II, a ruler, tried to change Russia's social structure and government. Among the masses, there was discontentment with Russia's social system and living conditions. Laborers worked and lived in horrendous conditions, which played a crucial role in aggravating the condition of workers and peasants. As a result, peasants starved and Russia’s armies were overpowered on the battlefield because much of its terrain was occupied by enemies. Hence, Imperial Russia was a catastrophe. Some scholars believe that despite the Russian empire's undeveloped economic, social, and political weakness during World War I, Russian empire's economic and social advances occurred decades before World War I, which shows that World War I was not a crucial reason of the Russian Revolution. Although a reason of the Russian Revolution was possibly Tsar's deprived governance because of his misconduct towards inhabitants, the main cause of the Russian Revolution was World War I because The First War demonstrated poor infrastructure in the Russian government politically and economically. The Revolution was brought by military defeats and starvation during World War I, which started problems in the battlefields. The war did not progress well for Russia because supplies to the Russian capital deteriorated significantly. The demands of waging war exhausted the Russian economy and exposed the restrictions of the Russian manufacture. All the combatants in World War I suffered scarcities and prov... ... middle of paper ... World War I, which caused conflicts in the battlegrounds. The demands of waging war also drained the Russian economy and revealed the limitations of the Russian production. Further, the workers in the cities worked very long hours, which strained problems in the undeveloped infrastructure of Russia. Although there was a catastrophe of political guidance brought by Tsar, World War I caused the revolution because the war led Tsar’s military control to its breaking point. This this exemplifies that an entire society was destroyed; therefore, poverty, crime, privileged and class-divisions were to be eliminated, a new era of socialism promised peace, prosperity and equality for all the peoples of the world. But the social experiment failed, millions were killed, and within a generation almost one-third of the world’s population was living in the shadows of communism.

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