World War I : American Society

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World War I American society was changed by WWI. We had a view of neutrality for all European conflict. We did not wish to get involved in international affairs and most Americans thought it would be good if we could stay out of it. The US being drawn into the war showed us that when it comes to all freedom loving countries fighting against tyranny, we have to take sides. Allies or Central Powers, one of them is going to pull the US into the fight. America was too big and too prosperous to be ignored. If European free countries fell, America would be next. America had to get involved in foreign affairs that may lead to war or face being drawn into the war anyway. The economy was strengthened with the increase of war time jobs and equipment. In many respects, Progressivism was a precursor to major developments of the twentieth century. But in the idea of accepting the idea as a race as a permanent, defining characteristic of individuals and social groups, Progressives bore more resemblance to nineteenth century thinkers than to later twentieth century liberals, with whom they are sometimes compared. (745) Even before American participation in World War I, what contemporaries called the “race problem” the tensions that arose from the country 's increasing ethnic diversity had become a major subject of public concern. The word “Race” referred to far more than just black and white relations. Somehow, the very nationalization of politics and economic life served to heighten awareness of ethnic and racial difference and spurred demands for “Americanization” (745) which was the creation of a more homogenous national culture. Even more extreme repression took place at the hands of state governments and private groups. Americans had lo... ... middle of paper ... ...ductive industry that preceded the Great Depression, jobs given to woman, which helped pass the nineteenth amendment, and a new kind of diplomacy and antiwar sentiment that affected America’s entrance into World War II. Not only did the American public feel these effects, but also the loss of so many men in the war affected all of America and the all of the world. Although, America suffered some bad effects of the war, certainly it was nothing compared to Europe, where nations were divided and reformed, and entire countries scourged by warfare. Certainly, World War I was devastating to America as well as the entire world, but people were proud to be Americans. A great cause that everybody can get behind helps to bring the feeling of good will to every citizen of the nation. Patriotism always leads to better goals, dreams, inventions, and outlooks on American life.

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