World War 2 And This Peace

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“It been many years since World War 2 and this peace seems to now be threatened by terrorism”. There are many religions in the world from christianity, Islam, to hinduism and many more. Everyone will feel that their religion is superior to other people’s belief. These people praise whoever they believe in. However what happens when they try and make you believe in what they believe in. Forcing your religious beliefs and the sense of not belonging can cause controversy with what people believe in, and cause them to act out harshly until they get what they desire. Due to the forcing and the power they people put in making everyone believe in what they do bad things started to occur. Then groups like ISIS were formed. These groups are relentless and won’t stop until they get what they desire and have everyone believe in the same belief as me . When you don’t feel accepted in a or belief you start to go things that can be defined as inhumane. Eventually you will start to explore and do different things until you find this form of acceptance even if it’s from the wrong places . As stated in an article “ 5 reasons why young people become terrorists “ it states, “ many young people often join terrorist organization because they are looking for an identity for themselves”. These young people are looking for an answer to questions only they knew the answer to “Who I am” . Often they look and and find these answer in the wrong place and organizations such as ISIS continues to grow and flourish in devastation and become stronger.Due to the young adolescents don’t have enough support behind them to make valid choices. In trying to develop this identity for themselves. Equally important these group like for the most emotionally unbalanced ... ... middle of paper ... ...e view of ISIS including 94% of people that live in Jordan”. Even most people that are muslims don’t expect what ISIS doing especially disagree with what ISIS is doing . Forcing their beliefs to gain control over certain part of the world . And if someone jeropologise their empowerment they handled accordingly. In conclusion forcing your religion belief and the sense of not belonging can cause controversy especially if you 're forcing it negatively and becoming terrorist while doing so.I feel that everything ISIS is doing is absolutely terrible.They need to be stopped and eradicate it at the source. Everything they’ve done has to be accounted for and stopped at the major source. The way they get money , supplies everything. If these little things come to an end then maybe a major terrorist group like this maybe destroy, and slowly things can return to normal.
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