World War 1

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August 4th 1914, was a day that started a humongous change in Canada. Though the war had bigger impacts on one country, and a smaller impact on the other, Canada was not left out. The countries have fought for peace, yet all they have attained was anything but peace. Nobody denies that there were some good times after war, yet the difficulties facing the country overrule the positive impacts. World War 1 has made a positive and a negative impact on Canada politically, socially, and economically. World War 1 influenced Canada politically in an affirmative way. Great Britain recognized Canadian sacrifices in war and has given them independence. “Canada’s sacrifices in war brought more autonomy from Great Britain, and Canada independently signed the Treaty of Versailles and took a role in the League of Nations (Susan Munroe 1)”. This has been a new beginning for Canada as an independent country, which is a positive impact of war. When the World War began, there were many volunteers, but as war progressed, enlistment campaigns were falling short, so the government introduced a Military Service Act. The Prime Minister, Robert Border predicted a conflict, and he knew conscription would not be supported and in order to increase his chances of winning he compromised that he would give women the right to vote, if they vote for conscription therefore, affected the voting rights in Canada in a positive way. After the World War, there were many problems facing the economy, which has led to the formation of new political parties. The three new political parties were the Union Nationale, the Social Credit Party and the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation, which was the most successful of all. Co-operative Commonwealth Federation introduced s... ... middle of paper ... thousands of people and caused many problems to the veterans however, it created a strong bond between United States and Canada and brought innovative ideas in technology and entertainment. Indeed, World War 1 made some positive political and societal impacts on Canada; nevertheless, the citizens faced many economic and social problems after the war. There were too many difficulties and problems the Canadian citizens faced after war, which should be remembered because this is what formed the society we live in today. The citizens of Canada should look back at the history, see the pain and sorrow in people’s eyes and not repeat those mistakes again. “Peace cannot be achieved through violence; it can only be attained through understanding.” Ralph Waldo Emerson. If the countries in the first war have thought of it, they would not have faced all those problems.

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