World Religion Christianson Case Study

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World Religion “Christianity” Case, Shirley Jackson. 1908. “Was Christianity a New Religion?”. The Biblical World 32 (6). The University of Chicago Press: 417–27. Shirley Jackson article provides a clear example on her opinion on whether or not Christianity was a new religion. She stated “That the world was not exactly without religion when Christianity first appeared”. Her article describes how she believes that Christianity cannot claim to be new in the sense as the first religion. When Christianity was first discovered it entered the world as competitor not as the first that was discovered. She outlines that the same problems that other religions teachers faced had to be first solved by Christian Missionaries. She also stated that Christianity…show more content…
She starts off by stating the fact that women owe all of their advantages of her present position to the Christian Church. That saying has been repeated so many times that is actually accepted as the truth by some people. Considering a woman position before Christianity and at the current moment proves that she does not owe any religions. Her research shows that the condition of women has changed during civilization and that they had enjoyed their dignity during the Christian era. Stanton also points out that when women became valuable they are treated differently and that the Christian Church never gave credit. This article explains that Germany ideas for German women has taken root of how women are so superior in status that it is highly unreasonable to claim their achievement as an achievement in Christianity. One of the main points that she pointed out is that Gallantry was practiced by Goths way before Christianity was even found. Many Christians did not believe in Gallantry in the earlier Christian days so therefore they did not support the idea of it back then. However, Mrs. Stanton also stated that the Christian Doctrine of Marriage does not that dignify that
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