World Problems: China And The Future Of China

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HIS 1010-5 WB: World Problems

China has redeveloped itself from past years to a point where they produce a large amount of goods needed by other countries. This new position is forcing other countries and the U.S. to adapt to China and tread carefully with China while China takes awkward stances on different areas affecting their own people and the world as a whole. China’s growth produces change and change allows for new learning. As long as China can follow the commitments it has set forth to the world and domestically, then the world can look at how China can help with world trade and economics and deal with the major responsibilities such commitments bring. Currently in the news was how China helped search for the missing Malaysia plane. Of great significance is how organizations the world over tried to help which was great timing for a horrific tragedy. As we accept China the people will too be witness to democracy. Without consent of their own people China’s government can’t prevail. If people see and feel the effects of democracy then there is a better chance for global peace. This, combined with a China that believes in multilateralism so that no one, including the U.S., is left in a vulnerable position seems to be our best hope. Looking back, China was going through a leadership change. To secure the vote of the people China had to make sure its people believed in its country and did not need any third party interests interfering and causing social unrest. There are many speculations as to why China has reacted to some incidences they way it did. While reactions are studied it is still important to understand if China is resolved to world peace and posterity as it as so often referred to.

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...ue to our consumptions of oil and use of cars, environmental issues, creditors and populations. This relationship needs to be handled correctly now so as not to tilt the scales towards adverse consequences in the future. The U.S. and other nations need to keep policies in tact that enforce mutual respect and interests. The U.S. has to keep a watchful so as not to let China alienate us from the Asian markets and policies with other nations need to respect that. They already know how the U.S. handles its country but no one can be sure how China will be if it supersedes the U.S. as the dominant global power. Any policy should keep in mind that China and the U.S. together can have a great positive effect on the world economy. The two have worked together in the past and both know the consequences of not having each other as mutual partners.
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