World Peace

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Is it that something of great terror thrusts people into the real, reality of life? Makes them realize what the real sources of our biggest problems? We can no longer ignore that PEOPLE are the real reason this world is where it is now. But one question I must ask is, why does it have to take such sacrifices to change the world. Why is it that whenever a proposition is called to help the world, some disagree, and it is not negotiated to order? Thinking about the recent and some past situations, I can draw a conclusion. It takes an overwhelming amount of attention to change something so great as our way of life. I look back toward the begging of our last century, to the time where countries were so alienated, to each other, and they did it to them selves. By almost the middle of the century, two great wars were fought, and the better side, the side representing goodness or good will, won. It took the attention, the deaths of over six million over the period of 15 years to realize; one country cannot and will not change the world. But a band of countries uniting to make WORLD PEACE can get the better of the attention, the goodness of it. Now, another century, and millennium is beginning and we see the same thing trying to happen the world trying to be changed by negative attention. I wonder to myself, how long is it going to be before this world unites to change the world for the good. And fight the terror as one. I also wonder, the opposite, how long or how many attempts will it take before this world is ruined because of hatred, terror, and everything representing badness. One thing I do understand and believe though. We must have hope. We must have hope that the day will come that we will no long be scared; and we will no longer fear. One day long after this, from the people that had hope, the people that fought for the goodness of the world, along with fighting for their God given right to live, will prosper from all this fighting.

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