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Solving World Hunger: The Need for Increased Participation, Education, and Collaboration When the topic of world hunger is broached, the majority of people’s minds will automatically equate the two words with an impossible-to-solve problem affecting only Africa. However, to make that connection is inaccurate, and ultimately damaging to the actual efforts being made towards eradicating hunger. There are more than 870 million individuals in the world who suffer from chronic undernourishment, with the majority of undernourished individuals residing in Asia or the Pacific. While Africa understandably rises to the forefront of the mind when hunger is discussed, the statistics prove that hunger permeates into a plethora of regions, and affects a wide range of countries, cultures, and age groups. Despite its wide reach, global hunger is a solvable problem. The fact that a solution has not yet been implemented speaks loudly to the lack of cooperation being exhibited throughout the world. There is more than enough food to end world hunger; it is merely a lack of proactivity and cooperation among those in power that continues to allow the problem to grow. Solving world hunger may seem to be a daunting task, but a solution is within reach as long as a more cohesive semblance of cooperation throughout the globe (including both developed and developing countries) is achieved. This cooperation would embrace the sharing of excess goods to countries in need of them, as well the establishment of sustainable agricultural systems in countries currently lacking them—goals which are only achievable through recognition of the problem and an increased involvement by the entire globe. Perhaps the largest problem facing the quest to end world hunger... ... middle of paper ... ...activity that can be achieved through a collaborative and all-encompassing identification and evaluation of the current state of hunger throughout the world. By accurately identifying the state of affairs, action can now be taken more effectively. In order to be effective, this action should begin with an increase in spending towards the problem, a bill that can be divided rationally between the countries capable of offering assistance, and should continue with an increase in societal involvement. This individual involvement can be achieved through donating, volunteering, or even educating the public as to the plethora of misconceptions surrounding world hunger. By increasing spending, involvement and the spread of information, the world can finally take the first step towards erasing world hunger once and for all—a reality that we should all be hungry to achieve.

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