World Hunger: A Major Problem Of Food Dumping In The World

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TaMia Artis
Mrs. O'Sullivan
English II
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World Hunger How many people have ever thought of what it is like not have food? Hunger is a big issue that should be addressed because of food dumping, over population, and increased poverty. Most people do not think about or even worry about how it would feel to go hungry every day but there are some people out there who do. Millions of people in the world do not have enough food to live a healthy and active life ( Hunger Statistics). With those millions unable to achieve what is to be a healthy lifestyle causes an increased rate of death but no where near as much as AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined. (Hunger Statistics). Little do we know food shortages does not have a lot to
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People are not getting the amount of food they need for their daily life because all the food that is being wasted, and they don't have the opportunities to get food. As people are losing their jobs and food prices are going up, it makes it harder for those people who don’t have money to get food. Food dumping by individuals and organizations makes it harder for individuals to get food because nourishments is being discarded rather than given to the ones that needs it the most (Food Aid as Dumping). In the USA 30 to 40% of the sustenance supply is wasted, leveling with more than 20 pounds of nourishment for each individual every month (World Food Day). Therefore, as a result of throwing away food, many of the poor people are not getting the food that they need. Food is being thrown away instead of given to the poor/needy…show more content…
Many poor people ramble through scraps in trash cans because they do not have the necessary things to buy the food they need. Food has some of very important nutrients that a body needs. Poor people without the resources and tools needed to grow or purchase food on a consistent basis. There is plenty of food on Earth for everyone. The problem is that hungry people are trapped so far into severe poverty. Not having the necessary components to buy food to nourish their body they often become malnourished which cause them to become weaker and often sick. A person's body needs a diet of just about 2,000 calories and if those who can't get any nutrients have a weaker immune system. In addition, diseases are created because food is not being taken in to strengthen the immune system in the body to avoid sickness. The downward spiral continues until someone and their families are