World Competition: The Olympic Games

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The Olympic Games may be the biggest competition in the world, but it also serves as a way to reunite world in the particular sports that athletes love and strive at. Athletes work as hard as they can to compete with the best of the best. The Olympic Games are special no doubt about that, but there is one Olympic Game that changed futures games forever. The 1936 Olympics in Berlin, Germany was a game changer for future games in many ways, it sparked new traditions and showed the world that Nazi Germany was not so bad after all. This all seems great, but the Nazis had staged it all. They wanted to use these games to their own benefit and to show that their way was the best way. The goal for Nazi Germany was to get the world on their side and to show them they could be peaceful, what a better place for that than the 1936 Olympics.
World War I had just ended and Germany had become isolated and Nazi Germany wanted not only their power back, but more. The 1936 Olympics were coming up and Nazi Germany decided that hosting the games would be a great way to get back into power. They decided to put in a bid to host the games and won over Barcelona, Spain. Adolph Hitler became chancellor and ran Nazi Germany by dictatorship. Hitler wanted to make sure that his Nazi party and racial supremacy was promoted throughout the games. Hitler had written the official papers for the Olympics and wanted to make sure that Jews and Blacks could not participate in the Berlin Games. This did not go well for Hitler as The Amateur Athletic Union were planning on boycotting this decision and he later agreed to let them participate.
Now, Since Hitler had a plan of peace he decided to let Helene Mayer participate on his fencing team. Mayer was known as a Misc...

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...nt for the general visitors, especially the big businessmen”
Hiter had many ideas on how to take control and one idea included on hosting all of the Olympic Games for the end of time. Here is an actual quote from the conversation that Hitler had with Albert Speer in spring of 1937, “In 1940 the Olympic Games will take place in Tokyo. But thereafter they will take place in Germany for all time to come, in this stadium.” Clearly, that never happened since Germany has only hosted two Olympic Games.
In conclusion, Nazi Germany had an excellent plan on how to get back with the rest of the world and they executed it very well. They were able to mind trick everyone into thinking they were not as racist, controlling, and inhumane as everyone thought they were. By getting nations on their side they thought they would be able to control all, it is all just pretty twisted.
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