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My paper will talk about the communication in our department and company wide. The next topic my paper will talk about is culture that exists in our organization for safety in the workplace and home. Then we will move into a process that our company have which address conflict in the workplace. Finally, the technology enhancements that we have changed to improve our process, address customers concerns, and automation of some of our service we offer to our customers, which include our meter reading department.


PECO Energy offers various types of communication in our organization. The types of communication can range from emails to voice mails depending on the type of information communicated to the timeliness of the information. We have company wide monthly meeting in which senior management communicate to the employees, what went well, what are the opportunities that exist and finally and pertinent information that would relate to company goals and objectives in each area. In our department we have setup a communication specialist. The role of the specialist is to be the liaison between the Call Center and the other departments in our organization who wish to communicate information to our employees. The specialist also transforms the information to a more clear, concise tool in which our employees can understand and utilize in the daily assignment or functions. The information for our employees can be communicated in several ways: A banner, which roles across the bottom of their computer screen, next is through a written bulletin which is number for identification, topic and what the purpose of the bulletin. We have several other methods that we utilize either daily or monthly. These methods are our newsletter, team meetings, tailgate meetings, which are held at the beginning of our employees’ shift, and all hands meeting which we discuss diversity, safety and any other topics that are on the agenda. Voice mail is another avenue of communication used company wide to pass along information. The last type of communication would be our intranet site for our employees and our Internet site, ( for our customers. Both sites contain pertinent information to either assist our employees with information on HR issues, processes and procedures and other types of information and our customers site address our services we...

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...eading can now go through a wireless system to obtain daily readings.


In review, the information and processes we have in place to communicate with our employees, we are able to deliver the information in a timely, effective and efficient manner. Our culture for safety not only focuses on safety in the workplace but also focus on safety in the home. This offers reminder that we must not only remain focus in the workplace but we also must remain focus outside the workplace. In order to keep safety as a top priority we offer fire drills, emergency preparedness and the STAR principle for our employees to reinforce safety at all times. PECO Solve is the method in which we use to address our conflict in the workplace. In observing the various times this process has been utilize it seems to work well for the employee and the company in which it give the employee options to remember they company fosters an open door policy to address all issues with no retaliation to the employee. The technology in our company has moved from the manual and dark ages to a modern way of processing information across the board. Work that was previously done manually can now be performed online.
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