Workplace Attachment Theory

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1)What is the purpose of your measure? To measure the degree of affective influence towards performance of employees.
2)What construct will you measure?
The construct that will be measured is a “Workplace Attachment”. The term of workplace attachment is a development from place attachment theory .According to Ainsworth,Blehar,Waters&Wall(1978),and Bowlby (1980) the theory of place attachment is defined as a positive affective bond between an individual and the space where he lives, its main feature being that of the individual wanting to transform that space into a personal one. Hence, this construct is aiming to investigate whether there are correlation between level of workplace attachment among employees and their
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Information that already known for this workplace attachment construct is the level of individual attachment in their workplace will indicate whether the individual will remain working in the same place or change their workplace.
7)Who will use this test? A) Public Services Commission of Malaysia . Workplace attachment test will be highly beneficial towards individuals that are responsible in screening people who are applying for the public service job .This is vital because the future employees for the public service job will be work more productive and efficient if they are working in positions that are suitable with their attachment style.For example,highly secured people are required for the diplomat officer position.This is due to the nature of the diplomacy job itself which needed people who are secure with themselves .
B)Private sectors.Generally ,private sectors place high value towards meritocracy,highly independent individuals,and teamwork.So,avoidant and anxious attachment style people will be unsuitable for the highly competitive workplace like in private sectors.Hence, workplace attachment test will help private sectors employers from hiring people who are avoidant and anxious attachment type.This will prevent any possible conflicts that might threaten harmony in workplace due to the avoidant and anxious
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People who are responsible to administer and interpret the test must be professional who have qualified certificates , and licenses in counseling and psychology field.For instance ,psychologist, and counselor.Meanwhile,trained Human Resources officers can administer the test .However,they should not be involved in scoring and interpreting test scores.This is because ,Human Resources officers were not licensed professional in the field of psychology and counseling .
12)Who benefits from administration of this test?
Both of the test users and the test takers will highly benefit from administration of this test. For the test users, the usage of this test will help them identify suitable employee candidates that fulfill their requirements more efficiently.Meanwhile,for the test takers they will able to discover their strength and weakness from the results.Hence,they will be able to improve their abilities.

13)Is there any potential for harm as the result of an administration of this