Workplace Alienations

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"The Four Aspects" Do you feel alienated at work? Well don't fe el lonely, several Americans endure the same un-confident, self frustrations as you may. According to the (Gallup poll 2002) thirty-three percent of blacks and whites who were surveyed, stated that they are unhappy with their jobs. I feel this is because most work roles are repetitive, dissatisfying, un-compensated jobs, where workers feel there's a limitation on life style options. However, four aspects of alienation are what I will focus in on. Powerlessness in schools and the pressures of scholastic high standards, meaninglessness of productivity in current job statuses, the normlessness where a person might feel methods of cheating or socially disapproved behavior is necessary to achieve goals, also the social estrangement that may have one feel like an outsider, or un-connected to others around them (Rosalind Y. Mau 1992). I feel these all contribute to the alienation in the American workplace. In schools today from K-12 to colleges, students are under high demands for learning. Kids today have to attain large levels of pressure, which are caused by many outside effects. First and foremost school administrators are continually breathing down student's backs like grizzly bears, this one example of the powerlessness of students. It shows how the adult basically controls the student. Can they get room to grow in life? The violence that repeatedly occurs on everyday basis doesn't help the situation at all. Students between the ages of 12-18 are victims of over 1.9 million crimes, stated in a 2002 crime report (Mooney & Knox 2005). This may not be in direct correlation with alienation in the workplace, but it's where some ones life path starts. These pressures can make and break a person, and the thoughts of "where would I be if I went to college" will still linger in people heads while they perform their current jobs dissatisfying tasks. Cheaters never prosper in the average American eyes. But they still can win and do well at tasks especially if one doesn't find out. Technology in this age and time is so advanced where someone can make a living at deceitful tactics. Deceit being a route of escape, from the adversities life has to offer. Yes it may help someone's progressions in life; however are they going to miss the first hand experience people who don't cheat endure.

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