Working to Live: Increases Company Performance and Your Wellbeing

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Most people have heard of the term "working to live or living to work" which puts in perspective the life-work balance. Most people today would say that they live to work. With this realization workers vitality may take a hit. Vitality (Ryan & Frederick, 1997) refers to having significant energetic resources and is captured in the experience of enthusiasm and feeling alive. Thus vitality has a major effect on how people go through their day. An area where the level of vitality has an effect is in the method that workers use to recuperate energy. Thus this research will examine the strategies that individuals use at work to manage and sustain their energy throughout the workday depending on their vitality level. Thus an employee high in vitality could regenerate his energy by engaging in work related task. On the other hand an employee low on vitality could engage in other task not related to work (break).

Within the work context, human energy is vital for the organizations to run successfully.

Thus with these factors, and other not mentioned, that can deplete human energy at work, three hypotheses will be examined to verify if vitality has an effect on the type of energy recovery strategy used, work related or breaks.

H1: People with high vitality have wiliness to learn something new in order to regain energy.

H2: Depending on the vitality of workers, they will deviate from work tasks (surf the web), in order to achieve energy balance.

H3: Workers with high vitality will regenerate their energy by engaging in physical activity.



The total of individuals approached was 377. 80 individuals did not want to participate or the data provided was unusable. Thus the current study o...

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