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Leonardo’s Restaurant is located on 7575 Merriman Rd. in Romulus,

Michigan. This restaurant is right next to Detroit Metro-Airport, so that

tends to bring in a lot of business. Leonardo’s started out as a

carry-out restaurant and gradually moved into a sit-down restaurant.

After three years of being in front of the complex on 7575 Merriman,, the

owner built a new restaurant in the back of the complex. The new

restaurant is 8,000 square feet with a bar area and a banquet room, which

was not at the old building. Leonardo’s Restaurant has been up and

running now for seventeen years and depends mostly on the travelers for

its business. Leonardo’s is a family owned business which two brothers

share the ownership together. At Leonardo’s it is imperative that every

employee does their job and contributes so that the business can run


The name Romulus comes from the story in Greek mythology of twins

“Romulus and Remus, sons of war, Mars.” The story tells that these

boys were being cast out by their uncle being left to die, only to be

found and cared by a “she-wolf” until humans discovered the babies and

raised them as their own. The name was chosen due to the population of

wolves in this area during the 1800s. Romulus has a population of 23,616,

which was recorded in 1996, its city color is green and white, and it is

the home of Detroit Metro-Airport. Romulus is home to a wide variety of

businesses and industry due to its transportation assets, a strong economy

and skilled labor force.

When I opened the cherry wood double doors of Leonardo’s Restaurant, I

saw to my right the bar area with high chairs outlining the bar. Behind

the bar is a huge mirror that stretches across the whole back of the bar.

Aliening the mirror is an abundance amount of alcohol lining up across the

mirror. To the right of the wall of alcohol is a cappuccino and espresso

maker. The bar itself has an evergreen counter top with cherry wood

lining across it. When moving into the bar area, I seen that there were

booths and tables both an evergreen color with the cherry wood trimming

outlining the booths and tables.
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