Working Through College Pays Off By Randy Raterman

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Working Through College Pays Off In the article “Working Through College Pays Off”, the author Randy Raterman show his idea about agreeing students working through college by using particular details. He supports that working through college can stimulate students undertake education more seriously, teaching them responsibility and supports their parents financial burden. First, the author thinks working students take hard works to exceed at school and quit tiresome jobs. It motivates them to study harder. Secondly, students understand the payment for college, which takes responsibility from taking job. In addition, the pressure of deficient funds for education can cause problems between the parents. Working students can relieve the financial difficulties form their family and also help their parents saving money. In my opinion, I…show more content…
First of all, students can learn more or obtain some things that are not from the classes of college. People learn some things by reading or watching. There is another way to learn better, involving in something that someone is learning. Taking a job that is related the students’ major. It can help students to know the job and knowledge of the major better. What we have learned in school into society is not enough for living in society. Theory combined with the actual, prepare for the future. Even more, students can gain experience from the job they are taking. The knowledge in the book is different with from the real work we are taking. Those textbooks show you the idea, but work is depended on our real action, which is a practice behavior. Student can obtain the real work experience from their
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