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Martin Behrman, former mayor of New Orleans, once said, “You can make prostitution illegal, but you can’t make it unpopular.” Prostitution has been around longer than most other professions. Because people have gotten so used to the fact, criminalizing prostitution would not be an effective form of prevention. In a survey of one hundred countries, fifty of them have legalized prostitution, while eleven have limited legality (100). As many other countries have decided, legalizing prostitution makes more sense than criminalizing it because it affects many aspects of our culture, such as; the legitimacy of the job, the rape rates, and the violence rates. Sex work is a legitimate job. Prostitution is like any other industry, such as the service industry. Businesses sell goods in exchange for money, just like prostitution. Bishakha Datta, writer and filmmaker, says in her interview that, Individuals have sex for a wide range of reasons – for fun and pleasure, to have children, to mark and deepen intimacy, out of duty, to earn a living or for other transactional purposes. It is wholly legitimate for adults to have sex for any, some or all of these reasons, which sometimes overlap. Majority of workers in this business are in it because they want to be in it (Maginn). These people are just trying to make a living. Legalizing it would create more brothels, in turn, more managers instead of pimps. Managers would oversee the workplace to make sure that everything runs smoothly. When a brothel opens up, it creates not only more jobs for women, but also for men as the managers. Another reason prostitution would make sense to be legalized is because it is the same as recreational sex. Whether it is a one-night stand, or a date, pe... ... middle of paper ... ...entially, but in reality, they would stabilize if not decrease. Since the pros outweigh the cons, prostitution should be legalized. Just as Martin Behrman said, “You can make prostitution illegal, but you can’t make it unpopular.” Works Cited Cundiff, Kirby R. "Prostitution and Sex Crimes." The Independent Institute. 8 Apr. 2004. Web. 4 Feb. 2014. DATTA, BISHAKHA, and DIANNE POST. "Should Prostitution Be Legalized?." New Internationalist 461 (2013): 28-30. Academic Search Premier. Web. 14 Jan. 2014. Maginn, Paul, and Graham Ellison. "Criminalising Sex Work Does More Harm Than Good." Belfast Telegraph. 16 Jan. 2013: 29. SIRS Issues Researcher. Web. 10 Jan. 2014. "100 Countries and Their Prostitution Policies." 4 Nov. 2009. Web. 21 Jan. 2014. "Prostitution." Top 10 Pros and Cons. ProCon, 6 May 2009. Web. 4 Feb. 2014.

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