Working Memory History

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Working memory research can be considered to date back to the 19th century. William James (1890) started the discussion about a distinction between short term and long term storage systems. These were distinguished as primary and secondary memory and where used by James (1890) to indicate the degree of the relationship of the stored information to consciousness. It was proposed by James (1890) that the primary memory was used for storing initial information which was made available to the consciousness for inspection, attention and introspection. The secondary memory stored information which can only be retrieved through the activation of cognitive process. The research conducted regarding a distinction between short and long term memory were made by behaviourist psychologists during the late 19th century. The first cognitive researcher to use experimental studies to test the concept of short term memory was George Miller (1956). Using tests such as repetition of series of digits, Miller (1956) demonstrated that the short term memory system proposed by James (1890) had a limited ca...
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