Working Manual for Counselors and Pastors

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PREFACE The Code of Ethics is envisioned to edify the body of Christ and is intended to be a living Pastoral tool that helps shape our character as we confer with help-seekers in their life destiny with Christ Jesus-the living Head of the Church. This book is for professional people helpers like Counselors, Guidance counselors, Christian School psychologists, Pastoral Counselors, Pastoral care givers, NursesPastors, youth pastors, Deacons, Elders- and other professionals who interact/ intervene in other people’s lives. The book addresses issues of: - confidentiality, welfare of help seekers and counselees, justice, benevolence, non Malefiscence, competency, integrity, respect for rights and dignity of help seekers, boundaries of relationships in counseling, truthfulness and candor, multicultural diversity counseling/competence, self respect, professional responsibility, social responsibility, professional commitment, termination and referral, , records handling, electronic communications, and professional qualifications. The book serves as a framework for how people make decisions and Judgments and how helpers act on them to influence other people’s lives. Decision-making for the Christian helper is ethical when it is firmly Grounded in the Word of God; Led by the Holy Spirit; and Does Not Damage the Help Seeker; for it is only in these that we find a basis for understanding the will of God. For a background (as a backdrop of Knowledge), the book explores the Bible and Biblical foundations of ethics. It also uses other horizons of understanding including psychology, philosophy, sociology, social work and multicultural underpinnings to bear on the principles and articles. As help givers, pastoral care givers, counselors, ad... ... middle of paper ... ...ey Bass Pub. 1985. Wright, Norman. Training Christians to Counsel. Eugene, Oregon: Harvest House Pub. 1977. Counselling code of ethics: January 2010 January 2010 October 2009 code of ethics 2010 code of ethics. 2010 code of conduct. 2009 Online Bible New International Version. 2010 Free Multisession Electronic Bible: Rick Meyers 2009. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Bilingual English-Greek Online Dictionary by ECTACO

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