Working In Wal-Mart Case

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Problem statements

A Wal-Mart photo lab associate, Claude is facing a difficulty concerning attending his father’s major birthday dinner.( Brotheridge, C. 2005) Claude comes from a tight family, and he didn’t want to miss the celebration. However, there is a conflict between his working schedule and the dinner plan. Owing to the inflexibility of the auto scheduler program and his manager’s non-negotiable management style, he was sure that his manager wouldn’t give him the time off. Additionally, he didn’t want to call a sick day, not wanting to bend the truth. He also couldn’t feel there was a cold coming. Yet, the main problem is Wal-Mart’s organizational management. Managers do not treat their employees with dignity and respect and a lack of feedback and communication has caused tension in the work environment.

Situation Analysis

In order to carry out a meticulous analysis, we should look at both individual and organizational analysis.

We must recognize that employee attitude will affect their behaviours and job engagement. What’s more, attitudes derived from direct experience are stronger. (Sniderman, Bulmash, Nelson & Quick, 2007) In the beginning, Claude maintained a positive attitude toward his job. Messages in the employee orientation such as ‘family-approach’ and ‘associates are partners’ inspired him and established an affirmative attitude to work at Wal-Mart. However, after working at Wal-Mart for a while, he realized that his job was quite routine and replaceable. Furthermore, his co-workers experienced some disconcerting management issues. These incidents had triggered Claude to bring some negative attitudes toward his job and working environment.

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...lways find someone to replace the position. Claude can easily get another job and celebrate with his family.

However, as one of the largest retailers, Wal-Mart really needs to adjust its management assumption, treating its employees respectably and creating a positive work environment, which is essential for Wal-Mart’s on-going success. Managers should nurture their employees, increase their job satisfaction and pass on positive attitudes and passion within the work environment. This should be true even among employees who are doing low level jobs.


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