Working Conditions In The Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution was a time in history from about 1740 to 1840, with booming factory development ( During this time period, people were moving from their farms in the suburbs to the big cities to work in the factories. While people were moving to the cities the population in places was growing quickly which caused more poverty in the city. Owners of businesses found that if more people came for work so they could pay them less and get more workers. This made the factories horrible to work in. The factory conditions in the Industrial Revolution were appalling because there were unsafe working conditions, the owners had condescending attitudes, and there were unreal expectations. The working conditions in the factories …show more content…

With the workers working for so little wages the owners of the factories had more control over their workers and their lives. Most of the owners of the factories were mean and did not care about their workers. Most owners thought they were giving their workers a good opportunity and they should be grateful for the chance they get. In some of the factories, workers were not even allowed to talk at all during their shifts. Talking can get you a fine and or punishment. All you were there for was to work not to make friends or meet new people. Need to go to the restroom? Strict owners would tell you no or some might even time you. The owners did not care if their workers got hurt and if they did then they still had to work or they would lose their jobs. Kids worked in the hardest jobs with machinery that would end up killing a lot of the kids because the owners had them going into the smallest areas and the products would fall on them and kill them. If lucky some workers could have gotten a nice owner like Richard Arkwright. His rules in his factory were strict but he provided people homes who did not have any and churches and basic education for those who have never had it and for their families. ( Industrial Revolution) With the owners not caring that led to a lack of adequate security normally there were only around 30 officers for 10,000 plus workers. This also led to increased crime rate in the factories and then people would be fined and send to prison because they could not pay the fine. With people not being able to pay the fines and sent to prisons led to overcrowded prisons, this caused more people to be sensitive to death for crimes that were not normally sentenced to death because of overcrowded

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  • Explains that the industrial revolution was a time in history when people were moving from their farms in the suburbs to the big cities to work in factories.
  • Explains that the factories were boring and had unprotected parts that would cut or even kill adults and children. the factories had no sanitation codes or regular trash pick-up.
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