Working Capital Analysis of Wal-Mart

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Working Capital Analysis of Wal-Mart

Every business decision is associated in one way or another with the financial condition of the organization. The results of a working capital analysis will assist in the determination of organization¡¦s ability to remain in a particular line of business. The primary focus of Team C¡¦s analysis of Wal-Mart, Inc is its current and future financial condition. The most imperative areas that are found in the Capital Structure Analysis Report fall into the following categories: Working Capital Management, Valuation and Investment, and Cost of Capital. The company¡¦s operational processes within each area can be examined and related financial data reviewed. Once the financial data is collected and calculated potential areas for improvements can be identified and corrective or innovative measures can be implemented. As in all businesses, which include Wal-Mart, it must be considered that there is always room for improvement.

Working Capital Management

In order to fully understand the company¡¦s financial position a financial manager must consider the amount of net working capital available. The net working capital is the difference between current assets and current liabilities. Companies normally have a positive net working capital. The components of working capital change continually within the cycle of operations. (Brealey, 2001) Therefore, an effective manager will monitor the cash conversion periods to determine the length of the production process. The longer the process, the longer the company¡¦s money will be tied up in the process. The two elements in the business cycle that normally absorb the most cash are inventory and receivables. The main sources of cash are payables and equity or loans. Speeding up the working capital cycle will generate more cash for the company. This management of working capital will allow the company to maximize its use of existing cash flows as well as leverage additional sources of working capital.

Underperforming Company Ratios

Although Wal-Mart is performing well overall and remains a leader within the retail industry, the company is not without opportunities for improvement. An analysis of the financial ratios for the company over the last three years as well as an industry comparison has identified areas in which the company could enhance its ...

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... 3.03 3.26 3.59

Payout Ratio_______________________.19__________.17__________.23____

Table B

Industry Averages_____________________________________________________

Fiscal Year 2001 2002 2003____


Debt Ratio 1.58 2.2 .53

Times Interest Earned Ratio .75 1.78 2.46


Current Ratio 3.1 2.8 2.6

Quick Ratio .6 .5 .4

Net Working Capital .195 .07 .195


Asset Turnover Ratio 2.23 2.27 2.2

Average Collection Period 12.6 10.4 8

Inventory Turnover 5.24 5.38 5.73


Net Profit Margin 3.7 2.8 3.97

Payout Ratio_______________________ 32.4__________34.3________34.6___

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