Workgroup Consultation for Sally Chu

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Sally Chu has a business where the computers are setup on a work-group instead of active directory server. Mrs. Chu wants to have the staff to have same computer-access privileges to run application and use network printer but not to a make any changes to the computer. Mrs. Chu also wants to have information on two forms of authentication methods for windows 7 and to know the advantages and disadvantages of both methods. Mrs. Cho has application which will need to run in the protected mode of Internet Explorer (IE) on the local intranet and be able to write to disk space on the computer. A plan will also need to be created to be able to apply updates to the computer in most-efficient and cost effective manner with little drag on the network. When the computers are running sluggishly, the performance of the computers can be monitor to see what is causing the slowness. Mrs. Chu has six administrative staff which needs access to the computers to be able to run application and print to network printers without having administrative rights to change settings on the computer. If the staff have their own assigned computer then each person can have a local account created on the computer. To add a person as a local user, click on Start, right click on Computer and then left click on manage. This will bring up the Computer Management window and then expand Local Users and Groups. Right click on the User folder and click on new user. Fill in the information such as User name, Full name if needed and create a temp password. Have user much change password click at net login and click on Create. When the staff member logs in for the first time, the staff will have to pick a new password. The local account is created, but needs to make sur... ... middle of paper ... ...saved. The administrator can subscribe to the logs on each of the computers and review them to see what it causing the slowness. If all the computers are slow at the same time and the application runs over the network, in this case the events to customize may be more on the network traffic side of the computer than the computer itself. Works Cited Dunn, S. (2006). Spot PC Trouble Early With Windows' Event Viewer. PC World, 24(5), 138-139. Retrieved from true&db=a9h&AN=20347930&site=ehost-live&scope=site Johnson, Steve. (n.d.). Biometric fingerprint scanners advantages & disadvantages. Retrieved from Zacker, C. (2011). Windows 7 configuration. (p. 332). Danvers, MA: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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