Workers; Issues Regarding Illegality

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Immigration law enforcement in the United States remains ambivalent even now. The population of illegal migrants continues to threaten that of U.S. citizens and legal immigrants despite the federal government’s efforts: stricter border security, increased penalties, and different verification methods (“Illegal Immigrants”). The lack of reduction in their numbers has a major impact on the economy of America; it distorts conventional employment, distribution of wages and displacement of jobs in the labor market. However, illegal immigrants do not only affect the country’s economy and local workers; their unlawful decision ironically harms them as well. The large population may lead one to think being undocumented has more benefits than liabilities, but this notion is delusive and erroneous. In fact, there is more loss than gain. Because of their illegality, undocumented workers tend to end with lower salary rate and less desirable job propositions than their legal counterparts.
Undocumented immigrants or “undocumented workers” are foreign citizens who illegally crossed the borders of America without undergoing proper immigration procedures. They do not posses legal papers to validate their identity. People outside the country have at least three ways to “sneak” inside the US territory: crossing the borders surrounding the United States, migrating with ”fraudulent documents” and staying within the country even after “permitted time on the visa expires” (“Illegal Immigrants”). Though some researchers claimed illegal immigration had finally halted to rise in recent years, statistics showed that their population has yet to decline; the population still exists in sheer numbers (Hoefer, Rytina and Braker 3). Of all the states, Californ...

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...the workforce is an admonition for illegal crossers.
Prospective illegal immigrants are influenced by delusional beliefs and mistaken thoughts about prosperity in America. Only few actually achieve it, but the rest fail and reach a stage of stasis or degradation. Even if they manage to avoid civil and criminal penalties, there are other subsequent long-term detrimental effects waiting for undocumented employees. They are forced to endure reduction in minimum wage, unpaid labor, holistic working environment, and inhumane treatment. Having an illegal status deprives workers privileges and opportunities for stable and higher level of occupation. Thus, before committing an unlawful act and claiming illegality, unauthorized immigrants should wisely consider whether the consequences are worth the risk. Apparently, the outcomes are even riskier than usual border crossing.
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