Workalism Essay

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Anne Crowley
Mr. Cox
Theory of Learning 7th hour
20 May 2014

Work is apart of every ones daily routine. There are always some kind of work that needs do be done like deadlines, pressing assignments from a boss, and bills and taxes that need to be paid. All these tasks building up can lead to a variety of negative impacts. The need to finish work between the hours of 8 to 5 can become stressful. It is difficult to balance multiple tasks and complete them within a time limit. Having the stress and pressure of trying to complete numerous tasks at a time, and working too much could lead to being workaholics.
Addiction to work can also be classified as obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and as a behavioral disorder. Obsessive-compulsive disorders victims tend to have different combination of thoughts that consume the mind. These thoughts lead to compulsive behavior, or a desire to satisfy the obsessive thoughts. A workaholic isn’t just addicted to the work itself, but the idea of work. They become so consumed by it that anxiety begins to evolve whenever they are not working. Therefore, work addicts continue to work regardless of whether their work is necessary and regardless of the quality of the work performed. A workaholic will become mentally tired and physically tired to complete tasks the right way. Even though they are inefficient they will keep on working in order to make the anxiety subside. Workaholics can feel physically sick when they are not doing work. This physical sickness can be caused by the anxiety and pressure of trying to finish tasks. As like any other addiction, there are withdrawals, and the sick feeling can also be a result of the withdrawals of working. Working for workaholic relea...

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...ek and not taking vacation days off. “The workaholic has no time at all for any outside relationships, whether that involves family, friends, or God “ (Salormone).
Workaholism is an addiction, and therefore can be cured with some help of therapy, loved ones, and treatment centers. The key in helping someone with workaholism is to first discover why he or she works so much. From there, the workaholic has to change its ways of working. This involves taking time off from work in one way or another, and trying to build a social life again.
In all, today society has built a very competitive environment that has lead to employees and employers to sacrifice themselves, in order to become more successful. They sacrifice themselves too much, leading to health problems, lose of family and friends, and not only and the addiction to work but possible other substances.
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