Work and Study: Becoming a Nurse Practitioner

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Ever since I started studying, I have felt an interest in my deepest mind to do things, know things, start things, learn things. The fact is that, my friends used to call me a nerd, due to the fact that I sat in the library the 4 years I was in college for long hours after class. They used to tell me that I am missing out, in the funs of college life and partying; but later in my work life, I realized that, the time I spent studying was worth the experience because it helped my professional and personal life. During the work days, during the times I helped save those lives in the emergency room I realized that it’s worth being called a nerd; for the fact that, I can contribute a small amount to society am living in and I am able to keep my head up high.
Looking into the other side of my life with respect to the standard of living, there is always a financial aspect to any person’s life. I am married now and I have got a bigger family to support and as inflation goes up, I too have to track my economical inflow. Hence, in order to keep up with my aspirations with respect to knowledge, I have decided to work while studying to become a nurse practitioner.
Why? Nurse Practitioner, after going through the medical cases over my small career as an RN over the past three years, I felt like there is much more I can do as a nurse. I can cite an example of a day in my work life. A patient was brought to ER with a medical condition and after doing the initial round of tests; the doctor came out with a diagnosis which I strongly felt in my mind that it was not in the right direction. I had voiced out my concerns but I couldn’t able to substantiate it, due to the lack of in-depth knowledge as well as lack of authority against the do...

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...ers; in a healthcare team, it is the ability to increase the output of the workplace.
As a nurse practitioner, I will evoke a sense of moral and hope in the patient and in my work team, as I have in the past. With the increased knowledge I will have under my belt, I will make the best suggestions for my patients. If given this opportunity, I will become a small part of an enormous community of nurse practitioners. To conclude, my personal belief is that, education is a never ending process and by getting more and more knowledge, I am able to justify my position in society. My understanding is, that the future of medical care lies in how well you treat your patients and how well one understands the background of the patient. Customer service is the backbone of every industry and I believe that I can as a nurse practitioner help to contribute to this industry.
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