Work Life Balance In The Workplace

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Introduction Work life balance (WLB) are about founding, maintain supportive and healthy work environments, which will enable employees to have balance life between personal responsibilities and work. In other words, work life balance is a concept that supports the efforts of employees to split their time and energy between work and the other important aspects of their lives. It is also a daily effort to make time for family, friends, spirituality, personal growth, self-care and other personal activities. According to a major Canadian study conducted by Lowe (2005), 1 in 4 employees undergo high level of conflict between work and family, based on work-to-family interference and caregiver strain. Today, workers have many competing responsibilities …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that work life balance is a concept that supports employees to split their time and energy between work and other important aspects of their lives.
  • Explains that some theorists view job satisfaction as being the positive expressive reactions and attitudes an individual has towards his job, while others view it as a bi-dimensional construct.
  • Explains that a job that is compatible with its career orientation should provide positive feelings about their work lives and should feel bonded to their organization.
  • Explains that managers respect workers, operate with honesty and integrity, promote efficiency, and have open lines of communication with employees. supervisors enthusiastically support the integration of paid work and other responsibilities.
  • Defines life balance as a partition of drive between the different phases of one's life, especially family, friends, and work.

Being successful in the competitive markets depends on the level of the satisfaction of the workers in the establishments. The satisfaction or dissatisfaction of the workers affects the performance of the organization. Also the job satisfaction provides positive attitudes and behaviours of the workers (Organ, 1997). One of the most important factors that affect the behaviours of the workers in the establishments is the feeling of working satisfaction, that is to say, job satisfaction. There is growing evidence that current trends in employment conditions may be eroding levels of job satisfaction and directly damaging the physical and mental health of employees (Kenny et al., 2000). New working practices and rapid technological advances are changing the nature of many jobs (Cooper, 1999). The career orientations of employees can have important consequences for their job satisfaction, commitment, and retention within organizations. A job is compatible with a career orientation when it involves duties and assignments that the employee finds interesting, when it requires abilities that the employee possesses values, and when it provides rewards that …show more content…

A few driven individuals are happiest when concentrated on one element of their breathes, but most people need to find a balance. Job satisfaction typically increases with improved life balance, which in turn increases employee loyalty, creativity and

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