Work Life Balance Essay

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Work-life balance help to decrease stress, especially where problems are faced in joining work, unpaid housework, and work-related travel (Wheatley, 2012). An organization with good work-life balance can help employees release stress. They are more focus on business because a good work-life balance will benefit the business, committed teams, reducing absenteeism and increasing productivity. Therefore, many CEO of companies are also realizing the business benefits flexible working practices can bring from increased productivity to attracting and retaining skilled, experienced and motivated staff in a competitive market (Dunne & Teg, 2007). One of the constraint and conflict associated with work-life balance relates to travel-to-work. Travel-to-work creates mobility and flexibility. It acts as a bridge between work and home (Wheatley, 2012). Although the severe economic crisis and a changing economic environment are happening, companies distinguish external pressures to improve their employees’ participation in work-life balance (Pasamar & Cabrera, 2013).
To get a greater cost-effectiveness and efficiency is the benefits for business in promoting work-life balance. The organizations have the talent to attract a higher level of skills. This is because the business is able to attract and retain a skilled and more various workforces. Besides that, the organizations had reduced in recruitment costs and have better job satisfaction and staff confidence. Many employers found that a better work-life balance has a positive effect on staff retention and on employee relationships, incentive and commitment. Work-life balance help the organizations increase customer satisfaction and devotion. The organizations will also increase staff efficienc...

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...h (Murthy & Guthrie, 2012). Murthy and Guthrie (2012) stated that the management of work-life balance focuses on understanding how managers’ coordinate different organizational actions to achieve the target of work health and on strategies to promote employees’ physical and emotional health. It helps to motivate and encourage the achievement of organizational goals during a restructure period. Therefore, the organizations manage the work health of employees using occupational health and safety management systems (OHSMS).
Employee health is associated with quality of life for the individual and wealth in society and is also considered as a critical resource that supports productivity in the organizations (Murthy & Guthrie, 2012). Therefore, the management of health is increasingly considered strategically important for organizations aiming at sustainable performance.
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