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With all the positive feedback from the selected companies, there is only one question that comes to most business owner’s minds, “what is the negative side to all of this?” Jason Laurtisen (2012) suggests that frequently, “work is seen as a burden” and that the enjoyment and pleasure really comes from time away from the office. If this is true, how can one ever come to a compromise with work life balance? If employees only view jobs as a stress factor or a money opportunity and they do not really enjoy what they are doing, than that is where the real problem kicks in. The problem is then steered to the fact that work life balance is not the solution, but finding the perfect job match for the perfect person is. Those who do not enjoy their work or their working environment, tend to be the ones looking for a work life balance, looking for an escape/ relaxation moment from what they do not enjoy doing. This is not always the case. Parents could argue that the problem is not the job they work at, but the role of fulfillment they need to achieve in their child’s lives. Since 68% of families with children in today’s society have fathers and mothers fulfilling both roles of being parents while at the same time providing a source of income for the family, work life balance needs to be taken account for (ACAS, 2013). Xerox’s CEO Ursula Burns has the solution to those hesitant parents in her company, stating that being able to “check out” for a family event is something an employee is able to do, but to also remember that balances should be placed; a parent isn’t needed at every event and children will understand (Graham, 2013). The company must be doing something right considering the fact that Xerox has Xerox saved over £1m in the past 5... ... middle of paper ... and those who may not be. With company examples like Xerox saving over £1m in the past five years due to exercising work life balance, BT decreasing company costs, and ASDA having increase productivity and less workers absence, companies that have hesitated should really start paying more attention. These companies have understood that if employees are not happy, healthy, or are surrounded by stressful factors, levels of performance weaken and businesses will be unsuccessful. Nevertheless, workers who are seeking to create their own company in hopes of having a better work life balance should take precaution. Furthermore, the implementation of work life balance is crucial for businesses to successfully keep workers levels of contentment the highest possible since this has proven to motivate workers to put forth the effort with in their cubicles or at their desk.

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