Work Law Case Study

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I am writing this submission because I find the purpose of work law important, so it is imperative that The Employment Relations Act 2000 (‘ERA’) enables workers to be protected. There is also economic benefits of individuals partaking in society, being productive and contributing socially and economically (Owens & Riley, 2007). Work law helps shape the work place by having devices to resolve disputes between employees and employer, and providing protection for both parties.
Purpose of work law
The main purpose of work law is protecting employees and employers, as well as stimulating New Zealands economy. Section six of the ERA explains who qualifies as an employee, only if you meet these requirements will you be granted rights. This legislation stipulates the minimum codes employers are required to uphold so that vulnerable people are protected (Rudman, 2015). Alternatively it protects the employer by giving them
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There are significant implications when you are defined as an employee or an independent contract. If you are classified as an employee then you are protected with various rights, alternatively if you are considered a contractor then you lack those wardships. Although this is a disadvantage as a contractor, you do gain the ability to have freedom and control over your working life, this is the incentive of being a contractor.
With the legislation currently in place based around only protection for an employee, there is a mismatch with the intention the law was created for. My view is that section 6 was designed to protect workers, but with the change in the market of increased contractors there needs to be an update to include non-standard employment. According to Statistics New Zealand one third of employed are considered non-standard, the law needs to cater to more than just employees (Statistics New Zealand,
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