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Work Experience Between June 30th to July 14th, I had the most nervous and prominent

moment of my life, I went to work for the first time of my 15 years


I felt exciting fervent and passionate, after a scrutinising and

strict interview with my boss Ralph Cohen. Wondering what will it be

like to work like a mature adult?

On June 30th the first day of work. I woke up early, and feel

sceptical about what'll the following 2 weeks be like. I rush out of

my flat, stride and run towards the tube station, and jump on a tube

train, with my heart pumping and beating vigorously. Along the train

journey, I try and concentrate my mind to prepare me for the first day

of work, as the atmosphere of the workplace became more palpable to

me, I tends to wince a bit, imagining about the people I'm about to

met, and wonder what will they opine about me. My mind felt scrupulous

and intricate about the future responsibility that I need to be

responsible for working in the UK leading pharmacy chains-Boots.

Finally the train arrives at its station of terminal, the North

Westsuburb of Uxbridge. Uxbridge compact a mix of medium size of

commercial and residential building, locating at the North West edge

of greater London, illustrating absurd scenery of combined

metropolitan and country way of life, creating a contrast between

tranquillity and busy, noisy city life.

The store that I work in lo...

... middle of paper ...

...ll of these add up to broaden my personal strength and aspect

on future recruitment, and most importantly my curriculum vitae, which

shows to future employer that I had experience working in stock and

shop control, making myself more advertisable to the future employers.

In my opinion, I think work experience is useful, but to some extent.

Although it gave and offer me a broad insight of vocational aspect of

working, it still scarcely examine my academic knowledge, I still felt

abstract and absurd about the application of those knowledge in real

working environment. If the academic and vocational aspect of

knowledge is combined together, the work experience will be much

beneficial to students, teaching them knowledge from both area of

learning at the same time, which student can compare and relate to

school learning.
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