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1. Work centrality My centrality score was 20 and it can be interpreted as average work centrality. Overall, the score more likely reflects my life because I think my life is not only for work but also for family and friends. Even though it is hard to balance our work and non-work roles, I believe those roles improve my self-concept on managing time and resources. Work and non-work roles shared the same importance. Work role contributes to our life as it gives chance to earn money. Working also gives me self-esteem because I can implement my knowledge which I studied at university in real cases. Workplace gives me valuable knowledge and experience which more likely different from studied in university. In my country, society will see you…show more content…
It happened not only in schools but also in workplace. The success story still continues until now. When I look backward in what I have achieved, I feel the same desire. I strived to be the best student when graduated from high school and I achieved it. The same desire I felt when I accomplished all my tasks in office. I realise that what I have already done was driven by need for achievement. This means that my strong desire to achieve my goal gives me more energy and passion to pass all burden. In my current study, I positively sure that my desire to achieve the best results will guide me to step further as what I am studying more likely will very useful for my future…show more content…
The Dutch test for conflict handling My preferred conflict handling style is avoiding. It makes me comfortable in every occasion since I try to cooperate with anyone to reduce problems. One of my colleagues played his music on his computer so loudly, at that time I had to concentrate on my work which was needed to complete soon. It was annoying and ruined my focus. I knew that he has a bad attitude and if I told him to mute or reduce the volume, he would angry to me and broke up our friendship. Therefore, I just ignored him and let him enjoyed the music rather than warned him and I lose one of my friend. I tried to keep focus and continued working while use earphone to reduce the noise. One of my next-door neighbour use his car horn whenever he came home. It happened for a long time and occur every time he drove his car. We were irritated with the noise. Once a time, when we engaged in a small talk, I asked him why he used horn when arrived at home. He explained that he just wanted his wife to open the gate and door because he did not has the keys. I told him that what he has done was very annoyed and disturbed my family. Finally, he never used horn again when he came

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