Work And Play

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In society, there are usually two main groups when associated with their mentality towards work. But is there a distinction between work, play, and creative expressions? Art is anything that requires creation or imagination. An artist, a writer, or a pianist probably enjoys what they do for a living because they have that talent to make that happen for them in their career. You can say that an artist will never retire because they have that passion and dedication to draw even when they get old. Sad to say, most people who do retire probably never liked their job or what they did for a living. Otherwise, why retire to something you love so dearly?
“Living to Work”, by Dorothy L. Sayers examines two classifications of people and their work. One group looks to work as a dreaded necessity, while the other group looks at their work as an opportunity for enjoyment and self-fulfillment. Altogether, their values, interests, and hard work all come down to money. For many, a “successful” worker is one who makes the most income and achieves the most fame. When it comes to interviews, the main questions are wages and hours. These people often fail to consider if the work is their actual passion--to do something they love. Partial blame goes out to our capitalist system and industrial machinery. We forget why we wake up each morning lose focus of what work really should be. But overall, the fact is that we must arrange our ideas where everybody has an opportunity to work hard and find happiness in doing well the work that needs to be done.
I believe working in factories is the most difficult job to have because the machines practically take over. Most workers have the same routine over and over again. No wonder these workers hate going to work. For those who see it as a career, they have to face the job for almost their whole life; gradually, their indifference eats up the enthusiasm, giving them nothing to look forward to each morning. No wonder people die to retire early. Since our economy is now based on industrial machinery, majority of the workers either work at factories or industries. It leaves us with no imagination and by the end of the day, we become exhausted by lifting, moving, rearranging, or whatever factory work entails. There is absolutely no form of creative expression or art anywhere.
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