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In contemporary society, there are many different components needed for life. Work is one of the essential parts of life. It is impossible for a person, who doesn’t need to work, to experience the real meaning of life. Yet there are many factors that influence the types of work a person chooses. There have been many pieces of writing that analyze those factors. In Carl. L. Rowan’s narrative essay “The Unforgettable Miss Bessie,” Rowan elaborates the impact that race and education have on employment. Similarly, in the short story “Workers” written by Richard Rodriguez, the author also uses his personal experience to explain how class and education affect work. However, factors that affect employment are not only limited to race and education. In Gloria Steinem’s essay, “The Importance of Work,” Steinem explores the similarities and the differences between men and women in workplace, which creates the argument that gender also is an influential factor that affects employment. The levels of education, the differences in race, and the separation of gender are the three main factors that play a role in people’s employment choices. Education is an important element that determines the jobs that are available to people. In contemporary society, higher paying jobs often require a certain level of education. Education becomes an essential factor in employment because many recruiters believe that education provides a platform for people to explore their interest and knowledge. Education is also a way for people for acquire and practice their critical thinking and analytical skills, which are required in professional development. In short, higher education is the key to unlock people’s career choices. Therefore, many jobs on the market req... ... middle of paper ... ...orce in low-paying jobs, and low-status. According to the Nevia & Gutek research, it states that if women were paid for their work, women earned less than the male counterparts. According to the data from the U.S. Census Bureau, women only earned 77 cents for every dollar that men earned in 2012. This male-female pay gap also serves as a limitation for women’s employment opportunity. The job market today is so competitive. There are many factors that determine job opportunities. However, education, race, and gender are the three basic and most influential factors that definitely limited people’s employment choices. The economy is fluctuating along with employment growth. Race and gender are unchangeable. Education provides knowledge for people. These three factors should, instead, help people to have better employment’s choices, as opposed to limit the employment.

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