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Even in the year 2014, genocide is a preeminent problem all across the planet. Genocide is the execution of a certain group of people. One of the most well-known occurrence of mass-murder is the Holocaust which started more than seventy-five years ago. During the Holocaust, Jews and the Romani were targeted, resulting in more than six million deaths. However, this form of carnage did not stop there and continued to occur in various countries. The Holodomor which took place in the Ukrainian SSR had the second largest estimated death toll in the history of all genocides. This genocide only lasted one year but resulted in the execution of more than two million Ukrainians. In November of 2013, we visited Raritan Valley Community College and observed the genocide survivors recollect their stories. One of these genocide survivors, withstood the mass-murder in Rwanda while being six months pregnant. These accounts of coping to survive when you are meant to succumb to the hatred around you is breath-taking. As seen by the preceding information, everywhere from third-world countries to devel...
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