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Worcester occupies 26 sumptuous acres of land complete with serpentine lake, but still manages to secretly tuck itself away to the western edge of the city centre. Indeed, at one time this would have been the outer limit to the city. Students have a short walk to the bus station and central shopping area. The college superimposed itself on the existing site of Gloucester College, which did not survive the political and religious fallout caused by Henry VIII’s divorce from both his wife and the pope. Ancient buildings Fortunately for lovers of medieval architecture, Worcester’s 18th century ambition outstripped its finances and plans to demolish some of the original Gloucester dwellings were scrapped. Today the building fabric is an agreeable mix of award winning modern, neoclassical and romantic medieval. No less than ten residential blocks have been built in the last half-century, including the wonderful cubist-like Sainsbury Building that looks as if it emerged from the lake. The beautiful and extensive grounds are as appealing as the architecture and tended with loving care by expert gardeners. The site can house all first and second years and plans are being brewed to build more blocks to shelter third and fourth years. Accommodation is graded and charged accordingly – all have telephone and Internet connection and a fridge. The college has 185 postgraduates and 412 undergraduates, with slightly fewer women than men. Students can enjoy some of the very best and cheapest college food in the university. Both a canteen service with no dress code and a Formal Hall (smart with gown, waiter service) are offered throughout the week. Worcester’s May Balls have become legendary and attract up to a thousand revellers who p... ... middle of paper ... ...f the best known in Oxford and provides a creative outlet for thespians who traditionally put on performances in the grounds during the early summer months. The Music Society organises many activities and musical scholarships are awarded to talented students. Relaxed approach to study The college has an equal opportunities policy delivering a diverse and well-integrated student body that are encouraged to adopt a relaxed but focused approach to the volume of work they are expected to undertake. There are three libraries that are open 24 hours a day with over 60,000 volumes to encourage completion of essays on time. Books and travel grants are available to needy students. Summer at Worcester, watching cricket beneath a wide brimmed hat with a cool drink and a good book is one of the most pleasant experiences on earth, so enthused one much travelled Worcester student!
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