Woodrow Wilson 's The Great War

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The First World War was thought to be the only war of its level and kind and was thus, also called the “Great War”. Fearing its recurrence, the victors of the said war agreed under common terms that a binding organization tasked with fulfilling said job (preventing a world war from happening again) was necessary and the League of Nations was created. However, as we repeatedly learned from school, the League, while successful in some, was a great failure and the Second World War happened. The Charter of the League was based on Woodrow Wilson’s the 14 Points. It is founded on the idea of self-determination, free commerce, and rule of law. He criticized the European system of Political Realism and strongly believed that his ideas with these 3 as foundation, can easily prevent wars from happening again. His ideas weren’t wrong and may have been effective if the circumstance were different. Democracy is a good thing. A government serving the people instead of the other way round, is the ideal. However, he forgot to point out the fragility of democratic societies. A simple doubt can cause...
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