Wood Pros And Cons Essay

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Pros and Cons of Wood Species

Wood plays an essential role in our daily lives as they form the base of many types of furniture we use. Whether considering indoor or outdoor furniture, the choice of wood typically leads the pack in preference due to its variety in look, feel, and lifespan. Simply put, they can provide a memorable, unique, and elegant ambiance to any place you choose for the rest of your life.

In this article, we’ll be mainly going over wood species and materials in relation to outdoor furniture that is often found in areas such as your porch, garden, or patio. Each of the wood species has its pros and cons so when deciding on furniture having an open mind is the best bet to finding something that suits you perfectly. Let’s jump right to it.

Cypress -

This is known to be a softwood commonly used for exterior construction, docks, boat building, interior trim, and veneer. Due to its outstanding resistance to decay and rot, furniture made with Cypress has a very long and useful lifespan. Cypress can last decades and has even been known to be passed down from generation to generation without noticeable signs of rot all while requiring minimal maintenance. This kind of wood features varieties of color possibilities and attractiveness like it's second to none. It is very effortless to paint or stain and you can just easily design it or give it a look that you want. However, like every piece of furniture, this wood has also a certain cons to it. For cypress, the only prime disadvantage to it is that you can't easily get this type of wood in the market since the supply is limited. It just shows that this type of wood is valuable so if ever you have some outdoor furniture made from this wood then I suggest to treasure i...

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...ferred type of furniture for outdoor use. Wicker products or furniture are known for its elegance and style. You can either opt for natural wicker or the resin wicker but regardless of what you prefer, wicker is very sturdy material if taken care of properly and can blend with any theme that you desire to fit in your home. Wicker items are light and created from tough natural fibers that does not deformed easily. It can last up to at least 4 years without doing minimal maintenance. However. to make your investment last, be sure to select high quality wicker in the first place and regularly clean and protect the natural fibers or they might start to crack and split.

Always bear in mind that when you’re going to shop or select outdoor furniture for your porch or patio area, be sure to have decided on a type of material that is best suited for your character and style.
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