Wonder Woman and the Surprise Attack

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Wonder Woman aka Princess Diana was cooking lunch. She was going to meet with the Justice League at 1:00, so she needed to hurry. They just uncovered a big plan, the Secret Society of Super Villains was planning on destroying Lady Liberty. It was her job to find out the who was the leading the operation and how they were going to destroy Lady Liberty. It was 12:45, so she gobbled the rest of her pasta and hurried to the door as soon she opened the door, a flash of yellow and black knocked her to the floor. Her arch nemesis, Cheetah. Wonder Women tried to use her fast reflexes but cheetah was faster. Cheetah got on top of Wonder Woman, Pinned her to the ground and quickly grab her knife and put it centimeters from Wonder Womans neck.
“ You will not ruin my plan,” Said Cheetah.
“Oh really how are you planning on stopping me,” replied Wonder Woman.
“By destroying you,” said Cheetah. “When you are out of the picture there will be no one to stop me.”
Wonder Woman knew that If she could get up that she could use her “Rope of Truth” she could get what Cheetah was planning on...
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