Wonder Essay: Personal Narrative: Kara's Perspective

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Wonder Essay Kara’s Perspective “Hey, rise and shine Kara! It’s 9:30!” screams my dad from downstairs. “Ugh! Why does he always wake me up instead of letting me SLEEP!” I whispered to myself in frustration. He is always the first voice I hear in the morning. My mom is always at work by 6:00. I move my feet around a bit and can’t find Lucy, my dog. I soon remembered she isn't there because she died two days ago. I woke up today, forgetting what happened… that Lucy got ran over by a drunk driver going bonkers on the road. I shift over and slide out of bed to look and see if it had finally snowed. I move the curtains to the side and see… grass, lots and lots of grass! “Why,” I think, “Can something finally go my way?!” After my Natalie’s coming over today! Yes!” I quietly celebrate to myself. Natalie is one of my best friends. She said she wants to talk about Lucy and cheer me up but I’m just not in the mood. I trod downstairs to eat breakfast that my dad is preparing for me. I’m not expecting the best culinary breakfast on earth, but he tries hard and cooks with I decided to try something different. I say, “When I was four, my cat also got run over by a car. I was devastated. It happened right in front of me.” Kara slowly stopped crying and began to listen to my story. I continued on. “Princess went across the street to go play with a stray cat. Halfway across the street, she was hit by a car. She was the happiest little kitty I have ever seen.” I was starting to cry but I held it in because I noticed that Kara had completely stopped crying. “I heard my little cat scream and turned around and...” I couldn’t finish. I didn’t have to finish. Kara knew what happened. I waited for a while then said, “My dad told me she was up in heaven having fun with God and Jesus and I believed him. I was only four so I believed in everything.” I paused again and took a few deep breaths. This story was hard for me to tell. “I wasn't that sad because I knew that God had a plan for me. I missed Princess of course, but my parents told me it was a learning moment.” I finally finished telling the story and waited for her to say something. Kara eventually said, “You told the story like it was no big deal that you cat died. Weren't you sad at all?” she

In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how they answered the door, motioning to their father, and then pulled it open.
  • Narrates how they told the woman they needed to let go of the pain. they hope she would understand soon because they were running out of words.
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