Women’s friend: The Popularity of Shapewear

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From ancient time through now, people always want to be a fashionable person; especially for women, because they want their bodies have a curve and they also want their bodies more fit and more shape. Each person has their view of fashion, and each country also has their types of fashion. In the western country, people think that wearing a corset is very fashionable. Between the middle of the 16th century to 18th century, women always to wear corset between a rigid quasi-cylindrical torso above their waist and heavy full skirts below to let their bodies look more gorgeous. In the ancient China, Chinese’s women think foot-binding is fashion. From the 10th century to early 20th century, most ancient Chinese women think small feet looks beautiful and fashionable. They used a strip of cloth to tightly tie their ankle when they were four or five years old, and they were kept it for life time. No matter what method people use to express the fashion, people’s primary goal is to make them look beautiful, make their bodies has a curve and become more fashionable. By today, wearing shapewear can modify people’s bodies; can influence people to believe fantasy thinner is normal; can let people have more self-confidence and it also encourage people to pursue high social status. Although shapewear may pose some health risk, it benefits many people physically and psychologically.

The corset is one of the most controversial garments in the entire history of fashion. It has been about 400 year history of fashion; it has been creating to fit of clothing and appearance of figure. People choose to wear corset to make their bodies look more beautiful and slim. In fact, the earliest man to wear it is to treat back pain, and then the women found that ...

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... invisible and affordable, and some would even feel comfortable. Shapewear is becoming popular. The manufacture kept changing the outlook to make it "fashion". Corset has been about 400 years history of fashion, although it may pose some health risk, but it benefit for many people physically. Wearing shapewear can mould the beautiful curve of breast enhancement, to receive an abdomen, waist, minus, carry buttock, leg effect, and it’s obvious to accentuated women’s sexy. There are many type of shapewear can make people have a great figure, such as waist & tight slimming, back slimming, shaping panties, and body slimming. As the era progress, people’s concept of shapewear change a lot and the shapewear will become more popular in today’s society; people wear shapewear to modify their bodies and many women think the feeling of slim can give them more self-confidence.

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