Women´s Suffrage in Britain

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Emmeline Pankhurst was a very important woman suffragist from Great Britain who led the suffrage movement with solid ruling and unique tactics. Her uses of tactics were more major and aggressive than the ways used by the people before her. She believed that women voters should be able to help resolve things such as poverty. She attacked a government that viewed property more than rights. She pointed out that men and women shared equally important responsibilities in society and tried to reduce inequality by improving women’s political rights. She also spread her tactics and ideas on the suffrage movement overseas, particularly the United States, prompting a more progressive women's movement worldwide. People Not Property In 1870, Queen Victoria had written "Let women be what God intended, a helpmate for man, but with totally different duties and vocations." Queen Victoria wasn’t much of a supporter of the women rights movements as seen by this quote. Its actually ironic being that she is a woman herself but since she is queen she has no problems with rights or restrictions. Throughout time, women have been considered less as people and more as objects to own. They had very few rights and their only tasks were to work around the house and raise the children. The rights women did have mostly were based on marriage and divorce matters. Their quest for rights has always been around, but sometimes it was a more noticeable attempt then the ones before. Slowly over time women gained very basic rights that were still based on marriage difficulties. It was not until much later that women got any political rights. All of the rights women gained slowly were acquired over time. Even the smallest right was considered a victory to women be... ... middle of paper ... ... by the women themselves. The quest for women’s rights is has been an ongoing quest for a long amount of time. Women have slowly gained rights over time and even if it was a small right it was considered a big victory. Queen Victoria didn’t really care about women’s rights because she had everything she wanted. The greatest victory was women gaining the right to vote because it was just so unheard of at the time. However after proving themselves multiple times they have gained rights and even an amendment. Women have been around just as long as men have and clearly have worked just has hard, but in different ways. Weather it was working hard in a factoring making things for the war or just being a figure of inspiration to both men and women, women have never backed down because they knew with time and effort they would soon get what they were after: equality.

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