Women's Studies

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Women’s studies is an interdisciplinary course of study that assimilates the contribution of females as individuals throughout history and current society. There is a vast number of college and universities that offer undergraduate, graduate and doctorate level training that blends feminism with gender and sexuality. A Degree program such as The College of William and Mary in “Women’s Studies offers in depth major or minor in “Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies.” (William & Mary Arts & Science) This discipline explores our culture’s representation of women in society and challenges those involved in this discipline to evaluate the interplay and relationship between race, class, gender, and sexuality. According to Gollnick and Chinn “women’s studies provides a perspective that is foreign to most students.” (p. 147) The voice of women in traditional history courses has been underrepresented and that may be due in part to our patriarchal society and dominant culture in the United States. Currently, the American perception of gender and sexuality is being challenged by gay community for the right enter in convent of marriage and this reinforces the need in higher education for programs that explore sexuality and gender issues. The social constriction of gender and racial stereotypes are issues that are addressed in this course of study (What is Gender Studies.) As an educator for adult students in the field of radiography, I find it is important to have discussions, think critically about gender, sexuality to aid students in recognizing gender biases and broaden their view of the healthcare community they are learning to serve.
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