Women’s Sports

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Over the past ten years women have been able to advance much further in sports then they ever have before. Largely responsible for this advancement is the feminist movement, which has been pushing for women to have equal right in the sports arena since the 1960s. A big brake thorough came in 1964 with that passing of Title nine in the Civil Rights Act. This act, “as amended, prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, or national origin in programs or activities receiving federal assistance” (Cole 1994:313). Although women’s sports was not the main goal behind this act women interested in sports benefited immensely because it required schools to give women the same opportunities to play as men. This act not only effects grad schools but college as well. Where most women get there start into professional sport. “The Women's Sports Foundation reports that over 3 million girls now participate in high school sports, compared to under 300,000 four decades ago” (The Christian Century). This only further solidifies Title nines successes in improving women’s right to equality in s...
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