Women's Roles In The Revolution

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Women's Roles in the Revolution

I. Women's Roles in the Revolution

A. Family Enterprises
1. Women took over
2. Succeeded Despite
a. inflation
b. British Occupancy
c. absence of important supplies
3. gave women self-confidence
4. proved that women could make a living by themselves
B. Army Camps
1. Women came to be with soldiers
a. were fed by military
b. were cared for by military
2. The women:
a. cooked
b. cleaned
c. sewed
d. served as nurses
e. were not treated specially
1. marched with men
2. slept in the snow
C. Women Soldiers, “Molly Pitchers”
1. reloaded muskets
2. carried pitchers of water

... middle of paper ... a partial conclusion to women's rights.
But, one resolution that Elizabeth Stanton proposed was strongly objected to by both men and women attending teh convention. The right for women to vote was put down by almost everyone. However, in 1920, a full conclusion was reachedin women's suffrage: Women were granted full citizenship.


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