Women's Role In Ministry Essay

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In Kelly Clarkson’s popular song Miss Independent, her lyrics echo what society says: to be independent and self-sufficient. Constantly in today’s culture, women are bombarded with the message of independence, claiming that they can do everything on their own and that they don’t need a man. For decades, women have fought for equality with men. But what does women’s role in ministry look like? Clearly it is different from what society says. The Bible tells us that as women, we are called to be helpers (for that is what we were created for), we are told that our roles are distinct from a man’s role, and we are to be an example to future generations by building up and encouraging them. First of all, we are reminded that our primary role as…show more content…
Titus 2:3-5 reminds us that, “Older women likewise are to be reverent in behavior…they are to teach what is good, and train the young women…” The older women have the responsibility to minister to the younger ladies in their church body, guiding and mentoring them as well as living as a good example. An example of this in Biblical times can be seen in the life of Lydia. Lydia heard the Gospel and God opened her eyes to see her need for Him. We see in Acts 16:15 that after she was baptized, she insisted that Paul and his friends stay at her home. Lydia “begged” Paul and his missionary team to be her guest. She desired to be hospitable, and through that we see that Lydia was an exemplary servant and example of a godly woman. In Twelve Extraordinary Women by John MacArthur, it’s quoted that, “Lydia epitomized the kind of hospitality scripture demands of all Christians.” Because of her hospitality, John MacArthur concludes that Lydia, “had the honor of hosting in her living room the earliest meetings of the first church ever established in Europe.” (Macarthur 197). In conclusion, we see that the Biblical role of women is distinct from what the world says it should be. The world exhorts women to be independent and stand up for themselves with the freedom to do whatever they please. On the other hand, the Bible that tells us that the role of women in ministry is quite the opposite. The Bible is so countercultural by proclaiming that the role of women is for them to submit to their husbands, work as helpers, and be an example to the future generations. All in all, we see what the role of women is, and the role that they should

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